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How To Build The Rugby Player Body (2016)

English | December 10, 2016 | ISBN: 1541049365 | 111 Pages | EPUB | 0.14 MB

Nutrition equates to 75% to 90% results when building muscle and this book delivers 50 fast, easy high impact high protein recipes. I cover Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners and Snacks plus mouthwatering shakes. I wanted to create a fast, easy-to-hand reference guide that will work alongside my previous workout book ‘How To Build The Rugby Player Body’. I wanted to give focus to high protein meals, and more importantly a variety of proteins meals. I’ll have lots of simple yet delicious recipes from your typical chicken and beef to other proteins such as Tuna, Salmon, Tofu, and beans and many more. If you’re like me then you aren’t a fan of consuming chicken and broccoli every day. I need variation when it comes to diet and nutrition and today we have a huge array of protein-packed foods for building muscle at our very finger tips. My training book covered most of the meats and poultry so I wanted to not only include more of these fantastic options but look to some vegetarian options as well. Vegetarian options do contain a surprising amount of high quality protein and taste great. There are many pro bodybuilders now that are pure vegetarians and gone are the days where veggie foods tasted like catfood. Now we have an incredible selection, and I intend to use these not only taste variation, but a variation in protein and amino acids, all good for the body. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get building quality muscle fast!