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The Beginner’s Guide to Boxing: Workouts for Boxers: Boxing Training (2021)

English | June 10, 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B096TN8TQS | 42 Pages | EPUB | 4.08 MB

Discover how to take your boxing ability to the next level. Even if you don’t go to a boxing gym or have no previous experience!

There are of course many ways in which you can exercise in a routine, many people struggle to enjoy these routines, or they just simply don’t work. If you are someone who wants to make a change to their fitness ability but doesn’t know how to, or you are somebody that is looking for a fun way to get into better shape, then keep reading.

This book presents you with information that will help you get into the shape of your life using the incredible sport of boxing! This beginners guide to boxing will ease you into the tough nature of boxing that will improve your fitness ability, allow you to burn off excess fat, improve self-defense, build muscles, increase confidence levels, and hopefully encourage you to take your boxing skills to a competitive level.
As a qualified Boxing Coach, I have the boxing knowledge that’s has been converted into this book in a way that will not be too complicated for the beginners, helping you get a real understanding of boxing. I was once a beginner too, meaning I know what it is like to start from the beginning – so if you think you need a bit of experience to get started then you are wrong.
This book is suited to those who want to workout at home, because joining a boxing gym may be intimidating or too expensive for the beginners. Boxing requires absolutely no equipment to start with, although it can be helpful. I aim for this book to help you more than what meet the eye, by this I believe that boxing can help you develop a stronger mindset by increasing confidence and determination that can set you up for success in any part of life. I am proud to have watched many people change for the good through boxing and I hope that I can influence many more with this book.