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The Peenemunde Deceptions (2014)

English | Large Print, May 1, 2014 | ISBN: 0750538899 | 432 Pages | EPUB | 0.77 MB

Peenemunde: windswept corner of the Third Reich and birthplace of the space age. Otto Fischer, a severely wounded Luftwaffe officer and former criminal investigator, is summoned to solve a seemingly incomprehensible case: the murder of a leading rocket engineer during a devastating air-raid. With only days until the SS assume control of the production of a remarkable new weapon, Fischer must find a motive and perpetrator from among several thousand scientists, technicians, soldiers and forced labourers. As he struggles to get the measure of the secretive world in which imagination moves far beyond the limits of technology, a solitary crime draws him into a labyrinth of conspiracy and treason.