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Cosmic War (2007)

English | ISBN: 1931882754 | 425 Pages | EPUB | October 15, 2007 | 2.50 MB

The full history of the Exploded Planet hypothesis. There is ample evidence across our solar system of cataclysmic and catastrophic destruction events, and many planets are scarred from incredible impacts, and teeter in their orbits from unexplained causes. Rejecting naturalist and materialist assumptions of catastrophism forwarded by other researchers, Farrell seriously asserts that the causes are based in ancient myths of a Cosmic War in the heavens. Incorporating extraterrestrial artifacts, cutting-edge ideas in contemporary physics, and the texts of ancient myths into his argument, Farrell maintains that an ancient interplanetary war was fought in our own solar system with weapons of extraordinary power and sophistication.

Includes: secret technology behind the ancient Tablets of Destinies. the ancient texts telling of such destructions: from Sumeria (Tiamats destruction by Marduk), Egypt (Edfu and the Mars connections), Greece (Saturns role in the War of the Titans) and the ancient Americas * ancient and current mechanisms which could explode planets * the true scientific reason for our solar system’s asteroid belt