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VEDIC ARITHMETIC AND MATHEMATICS: Speed Math Tips and Mental Math Shortcuts You Need to Know… Made Easy! (2015)

English | October 31, 2015 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B017GER10Y | 62 Pages | PDF | 0.24 MB

VEDIC ARITHMETIC AND MATHEMATICS: Speed Math Tips and Mental Math Shortcuts You Need to Know… Made Easy!
This book will immerse you in two digit and three digit mental multiplication. You will learn the Vertical and Crosswise method thoroughly, and learn all about the special numbers that make these calculations fast and easy. You will learn about proportion, patterns, and sum and difference methods. There will be over 50 solved advanced multiplications for you to learn from.

The book VEDIC ARITHMETIC AND MATHEMATICS will sharpen your math IQ. It will introduce you to concepts you never saw before if you learned your arithmetic at a conventional U.S. Public school. Learn the secrets of Vedic Math, and improve your math abilities enormously. This easy book will make you better at fractions, math, and algebra.

A large part of mental math is pure observation, and the knowledge of how to use what you see. This book will help you recognize patterns you never ever noticed before! When you learn the methods you will make huge steps in your arithmetic and math performance. The properties of specific numbers are a big deal. You will never think of the properties of zero, the Identity Property, or the Commutative Property as the rather lame properties that they are presented as in traditional math. Ratios and Proportions will come alive for you in this book too. The author has strong opinions about how to learn mental math, and gets you into multi-digit mental multiplication at every opportunity so you can develop your eye for finding cross products without simply grinding them out. This book will includes methods for multiplying mixed digit numbers.

In VEDIC ARITHMETIC AND MATHEMATICS you will learn:Vedic arithmetic tips for rapid calculations of three digit multiplicationsWays of finding cross products that are derived from observation, hardly any math at all is involved.A great way people with math phobias to develop skills only the “gifted” seem to have.How useful 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9 and 11 can be in doing mental math.How to use vedic methods for doing rapid math in ways that will motivate your children and grandchildren to learn more.The book is loaded full of secrets, tips, tricks, and shortcuts that will make you look like a mathematical prodigy in no time.

The book uses basic concepts of numbers to teach the reader to solve easy math problems. Then, it teaches about three digit squares, and finally gets to multiplying numbers that are multi digit in nature. The problems are all solved progressively from left to right in the classic one line Vedic style. They are accompanied with good explanations of what was done, and why. This is not hard stuff to understand, it is Vedic Arithmetic. You’ll be able to do some amazing calculations after you read this book. These priceless tips can soon be yours, and nobody will be able to take them from you once you learn them.