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Everyday English in 50 Days

Everyday English in 50 Days

This book contains 50 English conversations on topics ranging from friendly chats to more nuanced business dialogues. Mastery over these conversational themes will facilitate learner’s understanding of various elements of English language. These conversations are based on real-time scenarios that are often encountered on daily basis. The ‘art of asking questions’ and the ‘art of responding’ are inherent parts of this book as these are the two skills on which most conversations are structured. Once you master the book “Everyday English in 50 Days” by covering each conversation thoroughly everyday, you will develop your own style of starting and carrying on conversation in various social situations. The book “Everyday English in 50 Days” is another endeavour of PEP TALK INDIA to help you build your confidence as a conversationalist through series of well-crafted conversations for everyday English.