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Unraveling HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

Unraveling HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

English | Feb. 26, 2014 | ASIN: B00IOSC4CM | 676 Pages | PDF | 12.49 MB

As an experienced C# programmer and enterprise architect, I found myself in a strange situation after 20 years of experience. Even if I worked on project teams that implemented big systems including satellite web sites, I was dropped behind those team members who started their professional life pretty close to new generation-neat, asynchronous, dynamic, etc.-web page development. It took months to find the right way to be able to communicate with them, and find the common language with them. During these months I read many books, blog posts, articles, and went through many small programming exercises to get into the picture.

Well, I decided to create a series of booklets using my experiences-to help you cope with similar situations.
I wrote this book for those developers who are-or might be-in a situation I was months ago. If you worked on the server side for a long time, or you used only desktop UI technologies, this is the book you should read to get acquainted with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-in order to understand them quickly, and keep up the race with youngsters.

If you’re already a web developer who is familiar with these technologies, this book may help you to pass this knowledge to your team’s new members who are novices in web UI.

How This Book Is Structured

This book is divided into ten chapters that will help you understand the concepts and technologies behind web UI. These chapters are built on each other, so you’d better read them sequentially from the first to the last one.

Chapter1: A Short Tour of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

This chapter provides an overview of the fundamental technologies-through a number of short examples that explains to you the role and behavior of them.

Chapter 2: Getting to Know HTML5

In this chapter you will learn the basics of HTML5, and you will create a few simple HTML pages using the concepts learned here.

Chapter 3: Achieving Richer User Experience with HTML

HTML5 provides you rich structure and semantics that help you design and render web pages with images, tables, and multimedia. In this chapter you will
learn these elements and utilize them.

Chapter 4: Forms and Controls

This chapter will teach you creating and using HTML web forms.

Chapter 5: A Few More Things about HTML

To provide additional knowledge on HTML5, in this chapter you will learn about special HTML elements and techniques, such as painting the new HTML5 canvas, and using HTML compatibility and validation tools.

Chapter 6: Exploring the Document Object Model

To provide interactive and dynamic web pages, getting familiar with the Document Object Model (DOM) is a key element. In this chapter you will learn all the basics that let you understand and manipulate the DOM.

Chapter 7: Getting to Know JavaScript

JavaScript is often mentioned as the assembly of the web. In this chapter you will learn the basics of this simple programming language that vivifies your web pages with only a few lines of code.

Chapter 8: Advanced JavaScript Programming

JavaScript is very easy to use, and it also can be used for very advanced web programming tasks in the browser. This chapter teaches you these advanced programming topics.

Chapter 9: Getting to Know Cascading Style Sheets

In this chapter you will learn the concepts of the Cascading Style Sheets technology that provides the power of great-looking web pages.

Chapter 10: Basic Style Patterns

In this chapter you will learn the most important CSS patterns that add great appearance to your web pages.