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Teach Yourself VISUALLY HTML5

Teach Yourself VISUALLY HTML5

English | Aug. 9, 2011 | ISBN: 1118063325 | 336 Pages | EPUB | 31.2 MB

Make mark-up language more manageable with this visual guide

HTML5 is the next-generation of web standard mark-up language, and among other things, it offers amazing new avenues for incorporating multimedia into your sites. What easier way to master all of HTML5’s new bells and whistles than with a guide that shows you, screenshot by screenshot, just what to do? Over a hundred tasks that web designers need to know most are explained using, full-color screenshots and how-to steps. From the easy stuff like revised new header and footer elements to complex updates such as canvas and audio, this guide covers the new, as well as most-commonly used, tags and features.

– Helps you get up to speed on the completely redesigned new HyperText Markup Language, HTML5
– Shows you how to incorporate rich media content into the sites you design, without relying on proprietary software such as Flash
– Explains revisions, from essential structural elements like header and footer to more complex elements such as canvas and audio-over a hundred tasks in all
– Uses easy-to-follow, full-color, two-page tutorials, so you can see step by step how to do tasks and quickly obtain the information you need