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Corpus-based Approaches to English Language Teaching (2010)

Author(s): Mari Carmen Campoy, Maria Lluisa Gea-valor, Begona Belles-fortuno Year: 2010 ISBN: 1847065376,9781847065377 Description: Corpus-Based Approaches to ELT presents a compilation of research exploring different ways to apply corpus-based and corpus-informed approaches to English language teaching. Starting with an overview of research in the field of corpus linguistics...

Assessing Vocabulary (2000)

Author(s): John Read Year: 2000 ISBN: 0521621828,0521627419,9780521621823 Description: This volume presents a framework that expands the traditional concept of a vocabulary test to cover a range of procedures for assessing the vocabulary knowledge of second language learners. Download https://usafiles.net/1X0z/John_Read_Assessing_Vocabulary.pdf

Cognitive Foundations of Grammar (1997)

Author(s): Bernd Heine Year: 1997 ISBN: 9780195102529,0195102525,0195102517,9780195102512,9781429414647 Description: The main function of language is to convey meaning. Therefore, argues Bernd Heine in these pages, the question of why language is structured the way it is must first of all be answered with reference to this function. Linguistic explanations...

Alliteration and Sound Change in Early English (2003)

Author(s): Donka Minkova Series: Cambridge Studies in Linguistics Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Year: 2003 ISBN: 0521573173,9780521573177,0511039751 Description: This study uses evidence from early English poetry to determine when certain sound changes took place in the transition from Old to Middle English. It builds on the premise that alliteration...

Modern Grammars of Case (2006)

Author(s): John M. Anderson Year: 2006 ISBN: 019929707X,9780199297078,9781429491976 Description: This book addresses fundamental issues in linguistic theory, including the relation between formal and cognitive approaches, the autonomy of syntax, and the content of universal grammar. Professor Anderson focuses on the grammar of case relations and, after a critical...

Teachers Exploring Tasks in English Language Teaching (2005)

Author(s): Corony Edwards, Jane Willis Year: 2005 ISBN: 1403945578,9781403945570,140394556X,9781403945563,9780230522961 Description: This book was written for language teachers by language teachers, with a view to encouraging readers to use more tasks in their lessons, and to explore for themselves various aspects of task-based teaching and learning. It gives insights...