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The Crit: An Architecture Student’s Handbook (2007)

2007 | 169 Pages | ISBN: 0750682256 | PDF | 17 MB The architectural crit, review or jury is a cornerstone of architectural education around the world. The defence of ideas, drawings, and models in an open format before staff and peers is intended to be a foreground...

The Construction of New Buildings Behind Historic Facades (1991)

English | 14 Mar. 1991 | ISBN: 041915180X | 162 Pages | PDF | 7.05 MB Facade-retention schemes are increasingly being used as a means of providing modern accommodation for commercial and industrial buildings in conservation areas and city centres. This book is the first authoritative guide to...

Materials for Civil and Construction Engineers, 3rd Edition (2010)

2010 | 601 Pages | ISBN: 0136110584 | PDF | 13 MB Materials for Civil and Construction Engineers, 3/e is ideal for courses in Civil Engineering Materials, Construction Materials, and Construction Methods and Materials offered in Civil, Environmental, or Construction engineering departments. This introduction gives students a basic...

Architectural Energetics in Archaeology (2019)

English | 2019 | ISBN: 1138088560 | 323 Pages | PDF | 4.34 MB Archaeologists and the public at large have long been fascinated by monumental architecture built by past societies. Whether considering the earthworks in the Ohio Valley or the grandest pyramids in Egypt and Mexico, people...

Room Acoustics 5th Edition (2009)

2009 | 389 Pages | ISBN: 0415480213 | PDF | 8 MB Since publication of the first edition in 1973, this professional and scientific reference has become the standard work in the field, providing detailed analysis of the state of the art in room acoustics. It?outlines the theory...

Planning Paris before Haussmann (2004)

2004 | 336 Pages | ISBN: 0801879302 | PDF | 27 MB Long before Baron Haussmann remade Paris, several generations of intellectuals, planners, architects, engineers, and politicians envisioned a radical transformation of medieval Paris into a modern city that would be beautiful, rational, sanitary, and responsive to the...