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Surgical English (2010)

Surgical English

Author(s): Ramón Ribes, Pedro J. Aranda, John Giba (eds.)

Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, Year: 2010

ISBN: 3642029647,9783642029646

Surgeons around the world need a basic knowledge of English to keep up to date with advances in their field. Fluency in surgical English is important for your professional development, enabling you to attend English-speaking patients with confidence, to study (or work) in other hospitals, speak confidently at international meetings, and to write articles for international journals. This book will provide you with the basic tools to handle day-to-day situations without stress and will help you to improve your English, no matter what your level. To our knowledge, this is the first English book written specifically by surgeons for surgeons. We are sure that surgical specialists from all over the “non-English-speaking world” (general surgeons, thoracic surgeons, vascular surgeons, neurosurgeons, gynecologists, plastic surgeons) will enjoy reading it.