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R All-in-One For Dummies (2023)

R All-in-One For Dummies (2023)

English | 2023 | ISBN: ‎ 111998369X | 690 pages | True PDF EPUB | 20.94 MB

A deep dive into the programming language of choice for statistics and data
With R All-in-One For Dummies , you get five mini-books in one, offering a complete and thorough resource on the R programming language and a road map for making sense of the sea of data we’re all swimming in. Maybe you’re pursuing a career in data science, maybe you’re looking to infuse a little statistics know-how into your existing career, or maybe you’re just R-curious. This book has your back. Along with providing an overview of coding in R and how to work with the language, this book delves into the types of projects and applications R programmers tend to tackle the most. You’ll find coverage of statistical analysis, machine learning, and data management with R.

  • Grasp the basics of the R programming language and write your first lines of code
  • Understand how R programmers use code to analyze data and perform statistical analysis
  • Use R to create data visualizations and machine learning programs
  • Work through sample projects to hone your R coding skill

This is an excellent all-in-one resource for beginning coders who’d like to move into the data space by knowing more about R.