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Mathematics Lessons to Look Forward To! (2023)

Mathematics Lessons to Look Forward To! (2023)

English | 2023 | ISBN: ‎ 978-1032210490 | 222 pages | True PDF | 5.3 MB

This book is essential for anyone involved or thinking about being involved in teaching and learning mathematics at school. It is packed full of practical and fun lesson ideas and activities, combining the author’s infectious enthusiasm for school mathematics with the relentless challenge of engaging students with the nature of the subject. Using humour, enthusiasm and years of teaching expertise, Jim Noble presents the features and potential of ideas and experiments he has used in his classroom. He draws on his extensive experience of using these activities to demonstrate their pros and cons, what you might expect and where they might lead.
In a humorous and engaging account, alongside noting successes the author also includes the moments where things have gone slightly awry. These experiences and the context are used as a vehicle for thinking about the broader goals and issues of mathematics education and challenging some of the stereotypical misunderstandings. Each chapter draws out an important idea for teachers to think about, following a basic three-part structure:
• The lesson and how it works
• What happens and why it matters
• How could it be different? Variations and similar tasks.
Without preaching anything other than the joy of mathematics, this intelligent, humorous and practical book will act as a catalyst and inspiration for teachers looking to develop their own understanding and practice.