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Oxford Studies in Experimental Philosophy, Volume 4 (2022)

Oxford Studies in Experimental Philosophy, Volume 4 (2022)

English | March 23, 2022 | ISBN: 0192856898 | True EPUB/PDF | 309 pages | 1.98/2.6 MB
Editors: Shaun Nichols, Joshua Knobe, Tania Lombrozo

The new field of experimental philosophy has emerged as the methods of psychological science have been brought to bear on traditional philosophical issues. Oxford Studies in Experimental Philosophy is the place to go to see outstanding new work in the field. It features papers by philosophers, papers by psychologists, and papers co-authored by people in both disciplines. The series heralds the emergence of a truly interdisciplinary field in which people from different disciplines are working together to address a shared set of questions.

This fourth volume showcases the growing depth and breadth of the field. Epistemology and moral psychology have been important foci of past work in experimental philosophy, and the contributions in this volume attest to the ways in which empirical methods are being used to add nuance to previous claims, both theoretical and empirical. Alongside this progress on familiar topics, we see an expansion to new areas in mind and metaphysics, with studies exploring how people typically conceptualize different aspects of mind and different kinds of minds, including the extension of agentive modes of thinking well beyond the mental. The volume concludes where the field began: with explicit attention to philosophical methodology, and the ways in which empirical results can inform philosophical debates.