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The New Learning Economy (2022)

The New Learning Economy

English | 2022 | ISBN-10: 1032325976 | 314 pages| PDF (true) | 20 MB

With a focus on action, this book offers inspiration and pragmatic guidelines to higher education leaders and organisations that want to meet the demands of the changing landscape of knowledge, experience, and learning.
Offering a practical toolkit and methodology, this book describes the fast-changing higher education sector as a new learning economy. It explains how this new economy evolved and three major problems that make the current higher education model unfit for purpose. Through six case studies from other contexts, the book presents key lessons for the higher education sector and six strategic principles for growth in this changing environment. The book includes a strategic planning methodology which guides the reader on how to make an assessment of their own institution and identify a strategy for how adaptation and change can realistically be achieved.
This book is a must-read for all higher education professionals looking to drive their institution towards an innovative and sustainable future.