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Mathematics in Fun and in Earnest (2009)

Mathematics in Fun and in Earnest

English | 192 pages | Dover Pubns (1 Jan. 2009) | 0486449688 | scan PDF | 5.84 Mb

“Dr. Court’s book is an illustration of his own credo: mathematics in earnest should be fun; mathematics in fun may be earnest.”?American Mathematical Monthly
A world-renowned mathematician takes a lighthearted look at the philosophy, form, and re-creations of mathematics in this fascinating book. Nathan A. Court discusses and illustrates the charm of mathematics as well as the science’s vast practical utility and its vital significance to our cultural history. In lucid and witty language, he explains how mathematicians think, what they do, and the role of math in everyday life.
Dr. Court introduces the might and plight of reasoning, the relationship between mathematics and genius, the lure of the infinite, and the appeal of pure art in mathematics. He also addresses some notable perplexities, including famous problems in recreational mathematics (as well as their solutions) and puzzles that can be solved without pencil and paper.