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The Theoretical Foundation of Medicine (2022)

The Theoretical Foundation of Medicine (2022)

English | 2022 | ISBN: 9798886974607 | 202 pages | True PDF | 19.92 MB

It is difficult to find solutions for diseases such as cancer and neurodegenerative disease if we do not understand the most basic structures within the human body. Instead of such mechanisms as integrin, ATP synthase, homeostasis and the sodium-potassium pump, we need to find an alternative explanation when it comes to the organization of flows of masses in and between systems of the human body. Even the molecule of DNA requires a new interpretation. This new concept is TRANSFORMER, where there is interaction between the pathway, its infrastructure and the packages – they are woven and interconnected together. Packages enter the pathway in order, then by the infrastructure they are organized and transformed into a new shape; a new entity occurs, e.g. cells, organs, humans and the species. The theory in this book presents an alternative understanding of the human body based on one principle by using the criterion of simplicity. It all starts with one fundamental postulate: Nothing exists in isolation; everything exists in relations. In this book, a new method for finding drugs is proposed. We have seen how many factors can be the cause of Alzheimer┬┤s Disease, so we have to create a manifold drug, i.e., a combination of integrin protein, kinesin, dynein and others.