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Time Wise (2022)

Time Wise (2022)

English | November 1st, 2022 | ISBN: 1761045547 | 320 pages | True EPUB | 1.80 MB

Dominate your day and level up your life, using the secrets and habits of highly effective people. A practical guide from the behavioural scientist behind the #1 ranking Australian business podcast How I Work. Learn how to become time wise using the hacks that high achievers rely on to accomplish more than the average person – so you can do your best work and have fun while doing it.

Organisational psychologist Dr Amantha Imber has interviewed more than 150 bestselling authors, musicians, entertainers, entrepreneurs and business leaders for her podcast, How I Work, to get inside their heads and understand the routines and rituals that enable them to achieve their purpose. Three years and over 3 million podcast downloads later, she has uncovered a wealth of proven strategies that anyone can adopt to improve their productivity, work and lifestyle – whether you are a CEO, working parent, small business owner or university student.