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Quantum Field Theory – A Classic in Theoretical Physics (2023)

Quantum Field Theory - A Classic in Theoretical Physics (2023)

English | 2023 | ISBN: ‎ 9402421890 | 571 pages | True PDF EPUB | 33.38 MB

This book is a translation of the 8th edition of Prof. Kazuhiko Nishijima’s classical textbook on quantum field theory. It is based on the lectures the Author gave to students and researchers with diverse interests over several years in Japan. The book includes both the historical development of QFT and its practical use in theoretical and experimental particle physics, presented in a pedagogical and transparent way and, in several parts, in a unique and original manner.

The Author, Academician Nishijima, is the inventor (independently from Murray Gell-Mann) of the third (besides the electric charge and isospin) quantum number in particle physics: strangeness. He is also most known for his works on several other theories describing particles such as electron and muon neutrinos, and his work on the so-called Gell-Mann–Nishijima formula.

The present English translation from its 8 th Japanese edition has been initiated and taken care of by the editors Prof. M. Chaichian and Dr. A. Tureanu from the University of Helsinki, who were close collaborators of Prof. Nishijima. Dr. Yuki Sato, a researcher in particle physics at the University of Nagoya, most kindly accepted to undertake the heavy task of translation. The translation of the book can be regarded as a tribute to Prof. Nishijima’s memory, for his fundamental contributions to particle physics and quantum field theory.

The book presents with utmost clarity and originality the most important topics and applications of QFT which by now constitute the established core of the theory. It is intended for a wide circle of graduate and post-graduate students, as well as researchers in theoretical and particle physics. In addition, the book can be a useful source as a basic material or supplementary literature for lecturers giving a course on quantum field theory.