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Better Before Bigger: Rethinking Business Success (2021)

Better Before Bigger : Rethinking Business Success

English | 2021 | ISBN: 1912300389 | 240 Pages | True ePUB | 1.07 MB

You’re ambitious and successful and you want your business to keep growing.

So why doesn’t success feel as good as it should?
And what’s stopping you taking your business to the next level?
Does your personal ambition exceed your organisational capability?

When you’re already stretched, overwhelmed and constantly putting your business before your home life and health, it’s no wonder you push against taking on more. You’re worried your business might crack under further growth, and confidence in your systems and teams to handle the extra pressure is low. You’re stuck in the success trap!

In this empowering and eye-opening guide, thought leader and coach Nick Cramp, will demonstrate how focusing on continual growth and measuring success solely in traditional terms is holding you back and hurting your business. He’ll show you how to escape the success trap as he expertly equips you with

The mindset you need to rethink success, reap its benefits and navigate a clear, confident route ahead.
The toolset you need to take control, prioritise what matters and redress the balance between perceived external success and actual internal capability.
The skillset you need to adopt new behaviours, nurture your business and give it space to grow.

If what got you here won’t get you where you want to be, and just working harder won’t make success any sweeter, it’s time to re-frame, re-think and re-focus on how to make your business better before you make it bigger.