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Mastering Study Skills

Mastering Study Skills

English | PDF | 1982 | 96 Pages | ISBN : 0333304489 | 7.12 MB

Mastering Study Skills is specially written for students who find the pro- cesses of study difficult. Many people have difficulty in remembering things or are mystified by the process of writing an essay. All too easily students accept that they can’t do these things because they are just poor students. Yet usually the reason for their difficulties is simply that they never actually leamt how to memorise, how to make notes, or how to write an essay.
This book teaches just those skills. Mastering Study Skills is not, however, just a book which teIls you about how to leam. Such books exist but you won’t improve your leaming skills by reading such books any more than you will play better tennis by reading a book about tennis playing. Mastering Study Skills is a course. That is it’s a book you have to work at through carrying out its numerous activities which both explore your current range of study skills and give you practice in acquiring new ones. By the end of the book you will not only know more about effective study techniques but you will have put into practice new approaches to planning and timetabling, memory, understanding, notetaking, essay- writing and examination technique.