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Teaching Mathematics at a Technical College (2022)

Teaching Mathematics at a Technical College (2022)

English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 978-1032262420 | 138 pages | True PDF | 7.55 MB

Not much has been written about technical colleges, especially teaching mathematics at one. Much had been written about community college mathematics. This book addresses this disparity.
Mathematics is a beautiful subject worthy to be taught at the technical college level. The author sheds light on technical colleges and their importance in the higher education system. Technical colleges area more affordable for students and provide many career opportunities. These careers are becoming or have become as lucrative as careers requiring a four-year-degree. The interest in technical college education is likely to continue to grow.
Mathematics, like all other classes, is a subject that needs time, energy, and dedication to learn. For an instructor, it takes many years of hard work and dedication just to be able to teach the subject. Students should not be expected to learn the mathematics overnight. As instructors, we need to be open, honest, and put forth our very best to our students so that they can see that they are able to succeed in whatever is placed in front of them. This book hopes to encourage such an effort.
A notable percentage of students who are receiving associate degrees will go through at least one of more mathematics, courses. These students should not be forgotten about―their needs are similar to any student who is required to take a mathematics course to earn a degree.
This book offers insight into teaching mathematics at a technical college. It is also a source for students to turn toward when they are feeling dread in taking a mathematics course. Mathematics instructors want to help students succeed. If they put forth their best effort, and us ours, we can all work as one team to get the student through the course and onto chasing their dreams.
Though this book focuses on teaching mathematics, some chapters expand to focus on teaching in general. The overall hope is the reader, will be inspired by the great work that is happening at technical colleges all around the country. Technical college can be, should be, and is the backbone of the American working class.