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3 Minute Portuguese: Lesson 1-3: A fun and easy way to learn Portuguese for the busy learner (2016)

3 Minute Portuguese: Lesson 1-3: A fun and easy way to learn Portuguese for the busy learner

English | December 19, 2016 | ISBN: 1520191626 | 184 pages | PDF | 0.33 Mb

The best way to learn to speak a foreign language is to start using it straight away. This is exactly what you will be doing with 3 Minute Portuguese.With this book, you will learn useful words and phrases that will get you speaking from the very first lesson. You will learn quickly how to form your own sentences without feeling like you’re never going to use what you learn.I wrote the 3 Minute Portuguese methodology after trying lots of different courses, books and CDs. I noticed that most Portuguese courses start out with a long list of pronunciation rules using weird symbols that you won’t understand unless you’ve studied phonetics. I also noticed that a lot of Portuguese courses fill their first few lessons with pages and pages of rules for the language: how to pluralise nouns, how to recognise the gender of a noun, how to use the definite, indefinite or partitive articles! Whilst this information will become useful eventually, for the complete beginner it can be extremely confusing and very often overwhelming, especially when baffling grammatical terminology is used. This is what leads to most students giving up.With 3 Minute Portuguese, what I have done is put the most useful things first. You will learn words and phrases that will allow you to speak straight away, and you will get an instant feeling of success from the very first lesson. Furthermore, I have made sure that I explain everything in a way that assumes you know nothing about language learning. I don’t use any tricky terminology and I don’t give you and endless list of rules; we learn as we go along, adding small bits of information here and there and practising until you can use it confidently.Each time you learn a new word, I show you exactly how to say it with a small pronunciation guide underneath it. And you don’t need to worry about remembering the words, either; the way the course is set out means that you will automatically internalise new vocabulary without even trying.The methodology behind this book is the same methodology I use in my classes and online courses, and the results my students have had are exciting and thrill me just as much as them!People who have spent years unsuccessfully studying Portuguese have tried this book or one of my courses and have been amazed at how much they’ve learnt and understood in just the first lesson.Here are some of their reviews:“Excellent! He really understands teaching. This course breaks through a major barrier to learning foreign languages.”NIALL COLLINS“This is fantastic. Everything you learn just stays in your head.” YUVRAJ VASWANI“The course was just as the instructor promised; it flowed so easily from beginning to end, and I was surprised by how much I absorbed. Thank you for making me feel that I can actually learn this beautiful language.”LOU CHARON“The teacher is clear and concise. He structures the delivery of the material in a very effective way, which aids recall greatly, and he presents the material in an engaging way. My rate of learning is accelerating fast.”SAM DOYLE“I love how short but utterly effective each chapter is. This method is great for building confidence quickly, learning the basics and gaining momentum. I’d definitely like to continue to learn with this teacher. Absolutely no boredom or strain whatsoever!”HAPPY DEE“Excellent course. The step-by-step instruction in small increments is very effective, as is the repetition throughout the course, and the translation practice. Highly recommend!!!”MOLLIE DISHAL“This method of teaching is amazing. This person has a teaching gift and the lessons are very well structured with clear content. Everything is explained very well and this method of teaching is pure genius. Thank you for helping me learn another language!”SCOTT WRENIf you would like to see more reviews from over 9000 students