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Chemometrics and Numerical Methods in LIBS (2022)

Chemometrics and Numerical Methods in LIBS (2022)

English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 1119759587 | 381 pages | True PDF EPUB | 44.91 MB

Chemometrics and Numerical Methods in LIBS A practical guide to the application of chemometric methods to solve qualitative and quantitative problems in LIBS analyses
Chemometrics and Numerical Methods in LIBS , delivers an authoritative and practical exploration of the use of advanced chemometric methods to laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) cases. The book discusses the fundamentals of chemometrics before moving on to solutions that can be applied to data analysis methods. It is a concise guide designed to help readers at all levels of knowledge solve commonly encountered problems in the field.
The book includes three sections: LIBS information simplification, LIBS classification, and quantitative analysis by LIBS. Each section of the book is divided into a description of relevant techniques and practical examples of its applications. Contributors to this edited volume are the most recognized international experts on the chemometric techniques relevant to LIBS analysis.
Chemometrics and Numerical Methods in LIBS also includes:

A thorough introduction to the simplification of LIBS information, including principal component analysis, independent component analysis, and parallel factor analysis
Comprehensive explorations of classification by LIBS, including spectral angle mapping, linear discriminant analysis, graph clustering, self-organizing maps, and artifical neural networks
Practical discussions of linear methods for quantitative analysis by LIBS, including calibration curves, partial least squares regression, and limit of detection
In-depth examinations of multivariate analysis and non-linear methods, including calibration-free LIBS, the non-linear Kalman filter, artificial and convolutional neural networks for quantification
Relevant for researchers and PhD students seeking practical information on the application of advanced statistical methods to the analysis of LIBS spectra, Chemometrics and Numerical Methods in LIBS will also earn a place in the libraries of students taking courses involving LIBS spectro-analytical techniques