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Analytical Chemistry: An Introduction (2021)

Analytical Chemistry: An Introduction

ISBN: 9788194766889 | 2021 | true PDF | english | 168 pages | 15 MB

Analysis of any constituents qualitatively and quantitatively is important to any scientific field. Analytical chemistry is a collection of analytical methods. It is an approach to study chemical problems. It is the ideal place in the undergraduate curriculum in science for explaining topics such as common laboratory tools and apparatus, volumetric, gravimetric and instrumental methods. Analytical methods may come and go but the practice for designing and validating analytical methods are universal.

The aim of this book is to find a more appropriate balance between classical and modern analytical methods. Therefore in order to understand the basic analytical principles, various analytical methods such as volumetry, gravimetry and instrumental methods this book has been written in simple and lucid manner to meet out the requirements of students at undergraduate level.