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Introduction to Atomic Physics: A Student’s Guide to Atomic Physics (2022)

Introduction to Atomic Physics : A Student's Guide to Atomic Physics

Alex Jaxson | 2022 | ASIN: B0B715SNWG | English | 445 pages | ePUB, AZW3 | 22 MB

This book covers the following topics: Angular Momentum, Central-Field Schrodinger Equation, Self-Consistent Fields, Atomic Multiplets, Hyperfine.

This classic treatment, first published in English in 1935, is well known to physics students and teachers around the world. Since its first publication, Professor Born (Nobel Prize, 1954) has continuously updated the book to include new developments in all areas of physics, especially in the field of elementary particles. For this eighth edition he has also written a new chapter on the quantum theory of solids. Content includes: Kinetic Gas Theory. elementary particles Electron spin and Paul’s principle the nuclear atom particle waves Atomic structure and spectral lines. quantum statistics molecular structure Quantum Theory of Solids nuclear physics Over 40 useful appendices on squared deviations, relativity theory, electron theory, Compton effect, Hamilton theory and action variables, atomic form factor, meson theory, van der Waals forces and other topics complete the main text. A bibliography and numerous figures and graphics further enhance the usefulness of Atomic Physics, which retains its value as a comprehensive treatment of fundamental physics from the unique perspective of a leader in the field.