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Easy Algebra Step-by-Step, 3rd Edition (2022)

Easy Algebra Step-by-Step, 3rd Edition

English | September 30th, 2022 | ISBN: 1264878796 | 300 pages | True PDF | 13.66 MB

This step-by-step approach helps you learn algebra quickly and easily!

For many students—whether they’re kids in middle school or adults returning to college—algebra is a difficult subject that only gets tougher as more concepts are learned. That’s why Easy Algebra Step-by-Step, Third Edition is so effective at helping you succeed where other, drill-heavy guides fail. Using an original, step-by-step approach, this write-in workbook gives you a solid foundation in the basics—the fastest, easiest way to learn algebra.

You’ll learn essential concepts first, allowing you to grasp the subject almost immediately. You’ll then gradually progress to more challenging skills, learning how to solve practical problems more easily with the help of clear, step-by-step instructions. Learning the key concepts in order (e.g., learning rational/irrational numbers before roots and radicals, exponents, and so on) ensures that you’ll get a solid foundation before moving on. Exercises for each section, complete with detailed, worked-out solutions, further helps you acquire the knowledge and skills you need to solve algebraic problems with confidence.

• Clear explanations break down concepts into easy-to-understand steps
• Stay-in-step “pop-ups” offer helpful advice and cautions against common errors
• Step-it-up skill-building exercises link practice to the core steps already presented
• Clear and concise explanations to the problems throughout
• Fully updated to include current references