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Un-solved Maths Puzzle: For Challengers (2022)

Un-solved Maths Puzzle: For Challengers (2022)

English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09WVXLV5Y | 115 pages | EPUB | 1.67 Mb

Un-solved Maths Puzzle book for the young challengers who are ready to take new challenges in the life and experience new lessons from it. With an ultimate collection of 200⁺ mathematical puzzles, the book contains mathematical problems like missing digits, Event based puzzles , Strange number series , Traffic accident , Letter shift , broken calculator , Mastermind , Base-ically correct , Curvy triangle , Endgame , Cross-bricks , Fishing competition , Bad calendar design , Pythagoras’ ladder , Encircled circles , River of colors , False Morse , word problems, types of sudoku, picture equation problems & based on Geometrical shape , etc.
The book contains 200⁺ different types of puzzle/ probability/ games type of activities.
The book also has some that are of challenge level including shape-based geometrical puzzles.
All the puzzles are developed to put your brainpower to test and enhance your mathematical skills.
The aim of the book is to engross the students with fun and exciting activities
This book caters to young challengers from the age 12⁺ years old.

This book will help to grow the creativity of young challengers in an innovative way and to develop the power of imagination as well as the skill of thinking by using these mathematics applications.