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Practical Skills in Biology, 7th Edition

Practical Skills in Biology, 7th Edition

An essential companion for biology students throughout your entire degree programme, this seventh edition of Practical Skills in Biology, has been updated and expanded to provide you with a complete and easy-to-read guide. It’s an all-in-one solution for the key practical skills needed for biology and all biosciences, including: comprehensive coverage of study and examination skills; fundamental laboratory and field methods; investigative and analytical techniques and analysis and presentation of data.

This new edition comes with increased coverage on laboratory skills, new chapters on working with bacteria, eukaryotic microbes and viruses, and on assaying biomolecules, as well as new sections on online learning in a post-COVID world. In addition, 300 new and updated illustrations, tables, and tips – including 25 new ‘how to’ boxes – have been added, along with numerous end-of-chapter study exercises (with answers provided on the companion website) to support self-evaluation.

“A comprehensive and useful text on the practical techniques used in the biological sciences.”

Dr Zenobia Lewis, University of Liverpool