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The Translation Studies Reader, Fourth Edition

The Translation Studies Reader, Fourth Edition

Edited by: Lawrence Venuti

The Translation Studies Reader provides a definitive survey of the most important and influential developments in translation theory and research, with an emphasis on the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The introductory essays prefacing each section place a wide range of seminal and innovative readings within their various contexts, thematic and cultural, institutional and historical.

The fourth edition of this classic reader has been substantially revised and updated. Notable features include:

Four new readings that sketch the history of Chinese translation from antiquity to the early twentieth century
Four new readings that sample key trends in translation research since 2000
Incisive commentary on topics of current debate in the field such as world literature, migration and translingualism, and translation history
A conceptual organization that illuminates the main models of translation theory and practice, whether instrumental or hermeneutic
This carefully curated selection of key works, by leading scholar and translation theorist, Lawrence Venuti, is essential reading for students and scholars on courses such as the History of Translation Studies, Translation Theory, and Trends in Translation Studies.