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Practical Statistics for Educators, Sixth Edition

Practical Statistics for Educators, Sixth Edition

By: Ruth Ravid

Practical Statistic for Educators, 6th Edition is a clear and easy-to-follow book written specifically for education students in introductory statistics and action research courses. It is also an invaluable resource and guidebook for educational practitioners who wish to study their own settings and for those involved in program evaluation.

The focus of the book is on essential concepts in educational statistics, understanding when to use various statistical tests, and how to interpret results. This book introduces educational students and practitioners to the use of statistics in education and basic concepts in statistics are explained in clear language. All of the examples used to explain the use of statistics in educational research are taken from the field of education and serve to illustrate the various concepts, terms, statistical tests, and data interpretations that are discussed in the book. Formulas and equations are used sparingly and readers are not required to do any computations. The book also includes a discussion of testing, test score interpretation, reliability, and validity. A chapter on survey design and analysis provide the book readers with examples which demonstrate how the different statistical tests introduced in the book can be used to analyzed survey data.

Chapter previews are provided, as well as succinct end-of-chapter summaries. The book’s glossary of main terms and concepts helps readers navigate the book and easily find useful information. Review exercises are included at the end of the book to allow readers to practice and apply their newly-acquired knowledge and skills.