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Chemistry: 1001 Practice Problems For Dummies (2022)

Chemistry: 1001 Practice Problems For Dummies (2022)

By: Heather Hattori and Richard H. Langley

Chemistry: 1001 Practice Problems For Dummies gives you 1,001 opportunities to practice solving problems on all the topics covered in your chemistry class—in the book and online! Get extra practice with tricky subjects, solidify what you’ve already learned, and get in-depth walk-throughs for every problem with this useful book. These practice problems and detailed answer explanations will catalyze the reactions in your brain, no matter what your skill level. Thanks to Dummies, you have a resource to help you put key concepts into practice.

  • Work through multiple-choice practice problems on all Chemistry topics covered in class
  • Step through detailed solutions to build your understanding
  • Access practice questions online to study anywhere, any time
  • Improve your grade and up your study game with practice

The material presented in Chemistry: 1001 Practice Problems For Dummies is an excellent resource for students, as well as parents and tutors looking to help supplement classroom instruction.



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