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Design and Performance of Tall Buildings for Wind (2020)

English | ISBN: 078441565X | 2020 | Pages | PDF | 9 MB

Design and Performance of Tall Buildings for Wind, MOP 143, provides a framework for the design of tall buildings for wind. This MOP presents detailed guidance on industry standard practices and design approaches that complement current literature, model codes, and standards. The performance of tall buildings in wind depends on a combination of wind climate, loading effects, structural system, and damping. MOP 143 provides recommendations on setting and achieving performance objectives, including
Selection of the wind loading mean recurrence interval (MRI) for serviceability;
Establishment of performance objectives and acceptance criteria;
Guidance on modeling building structural properties such as stiffness and damping; and
Modeling of uncertainties in wind climate, wind loading, and other effects.
MOP 143 will be a valuable resource for structural engineers, wind engineering consultants, architects, and other stakeholders with a vested interest in design of tall buildings.