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The Bloomsbury Handbook of Lexicography, Second Edition (2022)

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Lexicography, Second Edition (2022)

Edited by: Howard Jackson

A definitive guide to the long tradition of lexicography, this handbook is a rigorous and systematic overview of the field and its recent developments. Featuring key topics, research areas, new directions and a manageable guide to beginning and developing research in the field, this one-volume reference provides both a survey of current research and more practical guidance for advanced study.

Fully updated and revised to take account of recent developments, in particular innovations in digital technology and online lexicography, this second edition features:

– 6 new chapters, covering metalexicography, lexicography for Asian languages, lexicography for endangered and minority languages, onomasiological lexicography, collaborative lexicography, and internet dictionaries
– Thoroughly revised chapters on learner dictionaries, bilingual dictionaries and future directions, alongside a significantly updated third part on ‘New Directions in Lexicography’, accounting for innovations in digital lexicography
– An expanded glossary of key terms and an updated annotated bibliography

Identifying and describing the central concepts associated with lexicography and its main branches of study, The Bloomsbury Handbook of Lexicography demonstrates the direct influence of linguistics on the development of the field and is an essential resource for anyone interested in this area.



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