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Physiology and Nutrition for Amateur Wrestling (2020)

English | Sep 8, 2020 | ISBN: 0367375176, 0367370948 | 182 Pages | PDF | 4 MB

Physiology and Nutrition for Amateur Wrestling is essential reading for amateur wrestlers and their coaches with a desire to learn about physiological training and nutrition for their sport.

Written by Charles Paul Lambert, PhD, a competitive wrestler and academic expert in high-intensity exercise, this book describes the primary physiological systems involved in amateur wrestling. Readers will learn how to substantially optimize performance and discover ways to improve body composition specific to the sport of amateur wrestling.

The book addresses important issues, including relative energy deficiency in sport, debates around weight loss, the specificities of training and nutrition for female wrestlers, as well as strategies on keeping fit in the years after a competitive career.


Discusses strategies for monitoring overall training load to prevent overtraining and optimize training

Includes optimal nutritional fueling plans for wrestlers written by a Certified Coach with USA Wrestling and compares different dietary approaches to losing weight and fat

Provides optimal rehydration and refueling plans based on situational needs in the post-weigh-in period

Both scientific and practical, Physiology and Nutrition for Amateur Wrestling will appeal to wrestlers, high-school and college coaches, and those working in applied physiology research and exercise science.