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Losing Weight Without Dieting: Using Traditional Chinese Medicine (2012)

English | November 8, 2012 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B00A43ZX46 | 71 Pages | PDF | 1.08 MB

Your Guide to Losing Weight Using Traditional Chinese Medicine

If you struggle with losing weight using modern and conventional methods than Chinese and Oriental medicine may be what you are looking for!

Work with the forces of nature and not against them to achieve your goals.
Traditional Chinese and Oriental medicine brings a unique perspective to the understanding and processes involved in losing weight. For thousands of years these methods have been refined and this book provides us with a clear picture of how to treat obesity in a healthy and natural way using these methods. Not only limited to the treatment of obesity, traditional Chinese and oriental medicine provides us a way to reach our potential on all levels physical, mental/emotional and spiritual.

In this book you will know:
– How to increase the overall health and vitality of your energy field
– If your organs are in a healthy state or not and how to go about correcting it
– How to adjust your posture and breath to re-establish energetic balance
– How to harness the 5 elements to increase overall health
– How to identify signs and symptoms and what they mean according to TCM
– What supplements and herbs will increase weight loss potential
– How to harness yoga and acupuncture to gain quicker results
– How to plan your day in a way that supports healthy weight loss
– Techniques to curb cravings easily and effectively
– How to use meditation to assist in weight loss