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Leaner Six Sigma (2019)

English | ISBN: 1138387924 | 2019 | 249 Pages | PDF | 11 MB

Since the 1980s, Lean and Six Sigma have been used independently to make existing processes better, faster and more cost effective. For almost twenty years, countless companies have embraced the power of blending the two process improvement methodologies. This has resulted in major financial successes throughout the world, but no one denies that we have learned a lot in the last two decades.
Just in time to meet the challenges we will experience in 2020, and beyond, SSD Global Solutions has introduced Leaner Six Sigma (LrSS). LrSS makes the concepts and tools within these two popular methodologies easier and quicker to understand. Regardless, if you plan to take an industry-standard exam or simply want to apply critical-thinking and problem-solving models to your daily life, this book helps you rapidly navigate your path.
Originally, to steer our way through traditional Six Sigma, it was necessary to understand complicated statistics. Then, with Lean, the heavy emphasis on manufacturing made it difficult to apply theories to the service sector. After the combination of Lean and Six Sigma became widespread, many of the core concepts still involved understanding historical references.
Fast-forward, we now have spreadsheet-based calculators and programs that build charts and graphs in a couple of clicks. Many “Best Practices” have been established which allows for process improvements without re-inventing the wheel. Over the years, talented subject matter experts and practitioners have discovered useful shortcuts to make Lean Six Sigma, Leaner.
This groundbreaking work shows how LrSS reduces the learning curve for those unfamiliar with quality initiatives. It streamlines the fundamentals for students wanting to take exams in Lean, Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma. LrSS also provides the mature Lean Six Sigma practitioner, innovative techniques to explain Lean Six Sigma theories to the new user. Lean Six Sigma has served us well, but it is time to utilize all the lessons learned and software tools available today. It is time to embrace next-generation thinking with Leaner Six Sigma!
Terra Vanzant Stern, PhD is also the author of Lean and Agile Project Management: How to Make Any Project Better, Faster, and More Cost Effective.



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