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Change Lessons from the CEO (2013)

English | ISBN: 1119943140 | 2013 | 256 Pages | PDF | 2 MB

“5 stars: Exceptional, a must read for any manager or leader”
-Sarah Stocks, Chartered Management Institute (CMI)
“This book is a highly effective, meaningful and user-friendly guide for anyone trying to manage change in a modern organisation today”
-inManagement magazine
“If you are looking for a book to give you some hints and tips as to how to manage change better, this will be able to do this. […] There are some great insights for anyone who is responsible for leading change”
-Kyomi Wade, Dialogue Review
Real stories from real CEOs on implementing successful change initiatives in any organization
Change is difficult. In large organizations with established cultures, managing change can be one of the biggest challenges for business leaders and managers. Using a wealth of real stories from real CEOs on how they managed major change initiatives-and the lessons they learned along the way-Change Lessons from a CEO gives professionals and business students powerful and effective guidance on successfully managing change initiatives in any organization. The book’s uniquely flexible approach lets readers build their own models for change based on their unique organizational structure, culture, and situation. Throughout, the book emphasizes the importance of authenticity in the change leader’s role and how to manifest that authenticity throughout a change initiative. With examples and case studies from multinational corporations, non-governmental organizations, and small and medium-size businesses, this book is a valuable tool for leaders of any organization of any size.
Offers real-world insight from CEOs and leaders
Ideal for CEOs, managers, leaders of non-profit organizations, consultants, and students in business programs
Includes case studies and first-hand accounts of successful change initiatives in a wide range of businesses and organizations of all sizes
Change is inevitable. Managing change initiatives successfully can be the difference between organizations and teams that thrive and those that come apart at the seams. For business leaders and students, this book offers practical and proven guidance for doing change right.