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Beating the Market, 3 Months at a Time (2008)

2008 | 240 Pages | ISBN: 0136130895 | PDF | 2 MB

“The authors have created a simple, systematic plan that gives investors a long-term edge with minimal effort and reduced risk. They’ve done all the work for you, and it’s rewarding and easy to follow.” -Bob Kargenian, President, TABR Capital Management ? “There are diamonds in them thar hills’ – but to find investment grade diamonds it pays to have experienced guides. Gerald and Marvin Appel provide a simple but powerful plan for the often complex world of investment opportunities.” -Dr. Alexander Elder, Author of Come Into My Trading Room and Trading for a Living ? A Complete Roadmap for Investing Like a Pro That Requires Only 1 Hour Every 3 Months ? The easy way to build a winning portfolio-and keep winning Reduce risk, increase growth, and protect wealth even in tough, volatile markets Absolutely NO background in math or finance necessary! ? You can do better! ? You don’t have to settle for “generic” investment performance, and you needn’t delegate your decision-making to expensive investment managers. This book shows how you can quickly and easily build your optimal global portfolio-and then keep it optimized, in just one hour every three months. ? Top investment managers Gerald and Marvin Appel provide specific recommendations and simple selection techniques that any investor can use-even novices. ? The Appels’ approach is remarkably simple and requires only one hour of your time every 3 months, but don’t let that fool you: it draws on state-of-the-art strategies currently being used that really work. ? www.systemsandforecasts.com www.appelasset.com www.signalert.com ? If you know what to do, active investing can yield far better returns than “buy-and-hold” investing. But conventional approaches to active investing can be highly complex and time-consuming. Finally, there’s a proven, easy-to-use approach: one that’s simple enough for novices, quick enough for anyone, requires no background in math-and works! ? Gerald and Marvin Appel show you how to identify, and give you specific recommendations for, the best mutual funds, ETFs, bond funds, and international funds. They do not stop there. They demonstrate how you can quickly and easily evaluate each investment’s performance every 3 months, and how to make adjustments to continually optimize the performance of your portfolio. ? Using their easy to implement strategies, you can achieve better capital growth while reducing risk; profit from new opportunities at home and abroad; make the most of innovative investment vehicles; and protect your assets even in the toughest markets. ? Improving rates of return while you also reduce risk Setting intelligent investment targets and implementing strategies to meet them ? Identifying today’s most profitable market sectors… …and those that will continue to lead ? Short-term vs. long-term bonds, mature vs. emerging markets What to choose now, and when to switch