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Social Media Marketing: 7 books in 1 (2020)

Charles Edwards | 2020 | ISBN: 9798638919764, ASIN: B086Q4TPP8 | 541 Pages | EPUB, PDF(conv) | 1 MB

Social media technologies are continuously transforming the ways consumers interact with each other and firms. These changes constitute a fundamental shift in the marketplace-consumers have greater opportunities to voice their opinions and connect with their peers as well as increased influence over marketers and brands.

In this collection we examine how organizations and ‘digital-entrepreneurs’ capitalize on social media and consumer-to-consumer interactions to support their marketing efforts. We view these issues from a strategic and a practical perspective, rather than a technical or platform perspective. We will give you the knowledge you need to create engaging content for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, and how to identify influencers, deliver content to a targeted audience, and measure the success of your efforts.

Books Included:
1. Facebook Advertising:The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ads. Learn How to Use Social Media Marketing for Business.
2. YouTube Marketing: The Beginner’s Guide to YouTube Advertising. Learn the Video Content Marketing Secrets and How to Start a YouTube Channel for Business.
3. Instagram for Business: The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Advertising. Learn the Secrets Behind Instagram’s Algorithm and Unleash the Power of Your Business.
4. Affiliate Marketing Secrets: A Step by Step Guide for Beginners to the Best Affiliate Programs. Learn the Top Affiliate Marketing Secrets for Success.
5: Social Media & Personal Branding: The Beginner’s Guide to Branding and Marketing Yourself on Social Media. Learn the Basics and the Secret Strategies to Building a Future-Proof Business.
6: Network Marketing: The Most Complete Blueprint for Success. Learn the Social Media Secrets to Building a Massive Online Business.
7: Copywriting Mastery: The Beginner’s Guide to Mastering the Power of Words for Profit. Learn the Secrets to Sell Anything to Anyone.
This collection covers the following topics:
Understand everything about Social Media Marketing!
Create highly optimized and high quality paid ads on all Social Media platforms.
Learn Instagram Marketing A-Z and how to monetize the social platform.
MASTER YouTube marketing, including: layout, content creation, and video ads.
Become a Facebook Ads Expert!
And much more…