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Mastering Massive Complexity (2014)

English | 2014 | ISBN: 0990383601 | EPUB | 240 Pages | 0.5 mb

Only collaboration at warp speed can provide the massive momentum and clarity required to ensure relevance and success of entities engaged in massive “mega projects” involving layers of convoluted, hidden complexity and enormous expense. By rethinking how complexity works and by treating complex entities-corporations, their extended supply chains, and entire industries-as an energized Complex Organism, we can create a radically new environment and wield the tools to collectively become masters of collaboration. This holistic paradigm reveals a shocking foundational defect that feeds perpetual cost and schedule overruns.

A new methodology patterned after a long-forgotten Ming dynasty invention is presented and used as a metaphor drawing upon ancient wisdom and insights carefully infused with those of modern thought leaders and innovators. The core principles have far-reaching, universal applicability in industries facing insoluble difficulties or whose financial viability is at stake.

Paradoxes and “pattern interrupts” are creatively explored to dislodge preconceived notions and misperceptions by playfully challenging “our most cherished distortions” and hinting at radically different ways of perceiving things in the extreme environment where Massive Complexity flourishes. The paradoxical relationship between goofiness and genius is explored and the “law of disproportionality” is expounded. One can sense the author’s unstated frustration with the status quo and how things are routinely done in the Complex Organism, yet there is clearly a deep sense of caring tinged with the passion to intervene and turn things around.

In an indirect challenge to CEOs and other senior executives, the author asserts that not having a “Master Coach” to spur strategic innovation and inspiration on multibillion dollar mega projects is analogous to buying an NBA team, yet not bothering to hire a head coach. He asserts that to thrive, the restoration of balance and fluidity of the Complex Organism is imperative. The implication is that this collaborative course correction sets the stage for massive transformation through a radically new way of transcending our current limitations within large enterprises and their convoluted technical endeavors.

The Master Tool required to collaborate at warp speed is found to be woefully lacking, but the tiny seed containing its blueprint exists and the capability to create this exquisite tool is now within reach. Through a harmonized blend of ancient wisdom and modern insights, the Gong Dao Bei methodology provides an elegant blueprint for mastering massive complexity and offers a clear path to transformation. The new imperative is to collaborate at warp speed.



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