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Drilling For Gold (2002)

2002 | 256 Pages | ISBN: 0471128902 | PDF | 2 MB

Get inside the head of a small business owner Here’s what Fortune 500 marketers are saying about John Warrillow and his new book, Drilling for Gold: How Corporations Can Successfully Market to Small Businesses: “Warrillow provides thought-provoking and entertaining insight about the passion of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Drilling for Gold provides excellent advice for companies targeting small businesses.” -S. Jay Nalli, Vice President, Americas Small Business, IBM “John has successfully captured the knowledge he has gained from working with small business marketers and transformed it into a well-crafted and meaningful guidebook.” -Judy Hilvers, Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing Citicorp Diners Club Inc. “Easy to read and easy to put into practice. . .this book should be read by anyone interested in increasing the effectiveness of their marketing (and selling) to small businesses.” -Elizabeth Weisser, Vice President, British Airways, USA