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Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics And Sustainable Prosperity (2019)

by Sabri Boubaker, Duc Khuong Nguyen
English | 2019 | ISBN: 9811206872 | 501 Pages | PDF | 11.3 MB

Corporate activities are not only drivers of economic growth but also key actors of the changes towards more sustainable markets and environment as well as inclusive development. Significant efforts have recently been devoted to transform private and public firms alike from pure economic-oriented organizations to entities that deliberately and diligently create value without neglecting social and environmental implications of their activities. Firm performance, resilience, and survival are nowadays, more than ever before, dependent on how they consciously and purposefully engage in appropriate corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies and actions.

This book, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics and Sustainable Prosperity, will provide all readers, including investors, managers, lawmakers, and policymakers with an up-to-date, comprehensive, and thoughtful coverage of CSR and ethical issues at the crossroads of different finance and management disciplines. It contains a rich collection of insightful studies covering a wide range of topics in corporate ethics, CSR, and sustainable prosperity. Together, these studies help readers deepen their knowledge on different country environments and various organizational forms, policies, and activities. The book is composed of 16 chapters which are divided into two interconnected parts: Part I addresses ESG and ethical issues in corporate decision-making, while Part II provides insights towards sustainable prosperity.