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The Complete Heart Healthy Cookbook 2022

Simple & flavorful recipes to keep your heart healthy, balance cholesterol and sodium.Food is a key driver of heart health, especially people who have undergone heart surgery have to strictly balance the intake of cholesterol and sodium. This is not so much a diet as a way of life, which can bring positive changes to your life.To enjoy delicious food following a heart-conscious diet, these heart-healthy recipes can help you take control of everything. The 30-Minute Heart Healthy Cookbook is full of quick, simple, and satisfying meals the whole family will love.This book covers:Causes and Symptoms of Heart Diseases: Understand the basics of heart diseases and how to prevent them.Heart-protecting Diet Tips: Improve a heart-healthy lifestyle, List of recommended and avoided foods.600 Delicious & Healthy Recipes: Low sodium and low cholesterol recipes perfect for our heart healthy.Nutritional Info Details: Include the important nutritional info, such as sugar, sodium, potassiumcholesterol etc.28-Day Ahead Meal Plan: Give you an example to make a meal plan and help to develop a healthy eating habit for heart-healthy.Eliminate the stress of sticking to the heart-healthy diet with The Ultimate Heart Healthy Cookbook 2022the cookbook that makes your meals easy, and yummy.