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Wake Up and Smell the Profit: 52 Guaranteed Ways to Make More Money in Your Coffee Business (2009)

2009 | 126 Pages | ISBN: 1845283341 | PDF | 1 MB

I found John Richardson through his scratch2scratch blog. He accomplished something I, and many many other golfers only dream of, to shoot a perfect round of golf. I have been reading his golf blog for some time now and have been deeply affected by his insights and advice regarding not only golf, but life in general. I read his coffee shop book, because living in Hollywood, California, I am also a driven coffeeholic! This is the land of the quadruple (and larger) espresso and we take coffee consumption VERY seriously. I read this book hoping to learn more about one of my favorite subjects (coffee) with no intention of actually starting a coffee shop. What I found was a wealth of information about the coffee shop business and SO much more! I am an entrepreneur and record producer and have had some pretty reasonable success on MTV and in films and television. In the age of digital downloads and changing technology there is one thing that is more important than most everything else – HAPPY CUSTOMERS! John Richardson has (yet again) made it very clear that the basics to most ANY business is customer satisfaction, and the tools and attitdue he puts forth in in Wake Up and Smell The Profit are the fundametntal building blocks of ANY successful business. Not only is it a good read, but it could be considered a handbook for any entrepreneur that needs a refresher course or a wake up call. Thanks again to my favorite golf writer for more valuable information on business, life and of course coffee! Make mine a quadruple!