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The Weightless World: Strategies for Managing the Digital Economy (1999)

1999 | 272 Pages | ISBN: 1841120170 | PDF | 2 MB

“This is a wonderfully refreshing read. You’ve heard the standard stories–the gee-whiz optimism of the technophiles, the pessimism of the neo-luddites. Coyle offers something completely different. Each chapter offers a novel, often unsettling perspective about the future. For sure she will turn out to be wrong about some things–but no matter. This is one of those rare books that force your thoughts out of their usual grooves.” — Paul Krugman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, author of Pop Internationalism and The Age of Diminished Expectations The Weightless World is the first book to map an economic world that has been turned upside down by digital technology and global business. How will our careers, businesses, and governments change in a world where bytes are the only currency and where the goods that shape our lives–global financial transactions, computer code, and cyberspace commerce–literally have no weight? Addressing such problems as economic inequity and unemployment, Diane Coyle calls on individuals and governments to develop a new politics of weightlessness so that the economic benefits can be shared fairly. She proposes the creation of a radical center as the way to a new era of human creativity and economic prosperity.