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Absolute Honesty: Building a Corporate Culture That Values Straight Talk and Rewards Integrity (2003)

2003 | 303 Pages | ISBN: 0814407811 | PDF | 2 MB

Absolute Honesty by Larry Johnson and Bob Phillips deals with the critical role of honesty, ethics and morals in business. In 10 Chapters and 290 pages, the authors bring out the negative consequences of dishonesty, shying away from speaking up, lack of a clear policy on ethics etc. They point out the benefits of actively following Absolute Honesty. While the book focuses on the corporate scene in USA, especially in the wake of many corporate scandals that broke out in 2002, similar situations have arisen in many other parts of the world and this book strikes a welcome chord in many a heart.The book is meant for every one but especially for leaders and managers of business organisations, big or small. Employees also benefit, since they will learn the need for courage and honesty, the need to stay away from illegal and immoral activities, so that one can not only sleep better but also look at oneself in the mirror after waking up, without guilt.The authors accomplish what they set out to do, very effectively. The book is very well produced, with the important points well structured and effectively communicated. Reading the book was like attending a seminar and listening to Larry speak. The style is lucid and friendly. Bob’s rich experience as a Human Resources expert has added significant value to the book, in the form of real life examples.[…]where Chapter 2 is available as sample. Chapter 1 is a good introduction to the book and chapter 10 is a good review of the whole book.All in all, a very valuable addition to the bookshelf of every manager. The book serves the role of a good self-study guide too.I would like to share with the readers of this review, excerpts from a mail which I wrote to Larry Johnson, after reading the book.”I finished reading the book. It is excellent and I am really happy that I could read the book.The book appealed to my own strong ethical and moral streak. …………..I found the tips for differing with boss, like off-line communication very useful.I found a few places where I would have edited the matter a litle differently. But in general, the editorial standards are quite high.Would you consider bringing out the contents of this book as a Seminar on Multi-Media CD, or as a companion to the book?Thank you for this excellent book.Swamy”In another development, Larry asked me whether he can share with his readers his experience of my own honesty and integrity. I agreed.