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The Team Renzo Gracie Workout: Training for Warriors (2004)

2004 | 191 Pages | ISBN: 0972510419 | PDF | 28.4 MB

The most comprehensive text ever written on how and why to train for MMA and other fighting sports. This book covers every aspect of training, how to apply it and how to make a program work for you. This is one of the most complete books ever written; Martin Rooney leaves nothing to chance on how to train and how to win. This book is essential for all fighters but also can help any athlete or coach that is looking for any advantage on learning how athletes train. Loaded with extreme pictures and incredible detail, Training for Warriors is one of the best books ever written for athletes.
This long awaited text is the definitive training system of the Team Renzo Gracie fighting team. Over four years in the making, this 200 page book contains the secrets of warming up, weight training, endurance training, mental training, nutrition, weight cutting, and strategy development that the top combat athletes in the world use to win Pride Fighting, UFC, UCC, and ADCC championships. If you are a grappler, wrestler, mma fighter, boxer, judoka, or just a fan of combat sports, this book is a must have.
Just the 150 rare training photos and never before seen exercises alone are worth the decision to select this book.