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Outdoor Program Administration: Principles and Practices (2012)

English | February 2, 2012 | ISBN: 0736075372 | 416 Pages | PDF | 12 MB

Outdoor recreation programming is a growing and diverse field that requires administrators to be ready to work in complex and multidisciplinary environments. Outdoor Program Administration: Principles and Practices will help both seasoned and new administrators-as well as students and emerging professionals-flourish in various settings, including university, military, government, commercial, and nonprofit organizations.
You’ll learn the best contemporary administrative strategies and practices from veteran professionals from the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE). The AORE authors provide extensive coverage of all aspects of administrative duties and responsibilities from a diverse organizational setting.
Outdoor Program Administration: Principles and Practices guides you in developing and sustaining programs in outdoor recreation settings across public, private, and nonprofit sectors. You will reap the benefits of the experience shared by the AORE authors, who also provide questions and critical thinking exercises that will enhance the materials and deepen your understanding.
This reference explores all the issues pertinent to being a successful outdoor program administrator. The book has four sections: Outdoor Program Foundations, Program Design and Implementation, Staffing Considerations, and Facilities and Programs. Topics you’ll delve into include
designing and developing programs;
risk management and legal considerations;
budgeting and financial operations;
marketing and land access (permits);
environmental stewardship;
staff recruitment, supervision, training, and assessment; and
management of indoor climbing walls and challenge courses.
Outdoor Program Administration: Principles and Practices presents material that will help you improve your administrative skills and enhance the programs you oversee. As such, it’s an essential book for your professional library.



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