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Eating Disorders in Athletes (2008)

English | 2008-03-10 | ISBN: 0470011696, 047001170X | PDF | 230 Pages | 5 MB

For many years it was supposed that eating disorders and pathogenic weight control behaviours were the sole preserve of those athletes participating in the aesthetic and weight division sports. However, more recent research has shown that there are increasing instances of the problem across a wide range of sports and, in addition, the sport environment’s emphasis on body size, shape, and weight may place athletes at higher risk o developing eating disorders.
This comprehensive, up-to-date book presents the latest research and applied practice to address all of the key issues relating to sport and eating disorders. The book begins by looking at the underlying factors behind the development of disordered eating. It goes on to consider evaluation, diagnosis and treatment across a wide range of sports, and assesses the various types of treatment available and the practicalities of implementing treatment programmes. A whole chapter is devoted to the role of the internet, both as a source of information and of possible treatment, for athletes with these disorders. The final chapter provides four practical examples and case studies of disordered eating in high-risk sports.
Presents the latest research and applied practice relating to sport and eating disorders
Describes how to diagnose and assess eating disorders
Assesses the impact of the availability of on-line diagnosis and treatment
Includes practical examples and case studies of eating disorders in high-risk sports
Eating Disorders in Athletes will prove invaluable to a range of professionals working with athletes including sport psychologists, sport nutritionists, sport medicine specialists and coaches. It will also be essential reading for students on a range of courses within sport science and sport psychology.